Congratulations Olivia Landry!

Many congratulations to creative writer Olivia Landry for her recent publications! Olivia was featured in the blog Capsule Stories (, published her poem “small wonders” (provided below) on the online journal site Open Heart Forgery (, and participated in a winter workshop with Canadian poet Anne Simpson.

Please join us in celebarting Olivia’s achievements!

small wonders 

Poem by Olivia Landry 

cold mornings 
driving home before the sun comes up 
waving to the kids 
arriving at the daycare across the street 
drinking coffee 
watching my devil’s ivy outgrow 
every pot I own 
catching sunsets haphazardly 
on city streets 
listening to Halloween by Phoebe Bridgers 
hearing her tell me over and over 
we can be anything

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