Public lecture series with Dr. Chris Ferns


Professor Emeritus Chris Ferns is offering another series of public lectures in the Keshen Goodman public library this term. His topic is “Hard Times: Literature and the Industrial Revolution.” All the lectures are free and take place on Fridays 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. at 330 Lacewood Drive.

More about the series:

Today, the word “revolution” conjures up images of the massive political upheavals of the past — the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution — radical, violent changes that transformed society out of all recognition. Yet during the nineteenth century Britain underwent a process of transformation no less profound: the Industrial Revolution. By the end of the period it had emerged as the world’s first industrial Superpower, in control of nearly a quarter of the globe — but at an enormous cost in terms of human suffering. These lectures explore the ways in which writers of the period responded to the literally unprecedented changes taking place.


September 23. The Calm Before the Storm: Britain on the Eve of Revolution

September 30. Early Responses: Jane Austen and Walter Scott

October 7. Great Expectations? Dickens and the Industrial Revolution

October 14. The Ghosts on the Moors: Wuthering Heights and Social Change

October 21.  Maintaining Order: Middlemarch and Political Reform

October 28.  Fears for the Future: H.G.Wells and the Shape of Things to Come


All are welcome.

c-ferns-public-library-lecture-series-2016 poster [pdf]





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