Professorial Paws

Paws poster
You are invited to attend the Halifax launch of Professorial Paws: Dogs in Scholars’ Lives and Work, edited by Ardra Cole and Sharon Sbrocchi. The book’s title accurately describes the focus of the collection, but gives no indication of the range of work included, from visual art, through memoir and poetry to graphic narrative.

Also included are several entries from Susan Drain’s writing blog, Trouble(on)Writing, which she began for the Mount’s Writing Centre, and which features her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Can.Ch.Yellowrose’s Ms Trouble at Kare, CD, WD.

The book is published by Backalong Press, Halifax, and is the second in Ardra’s Animal-Human Bond Series. Proceeds from the sale of these books go to support the work of ElderDog Canada, a national, community-based, non-profit organization that supports elderly dogs and elderly dog-people, and educates the general community about the importance of the animal-human bond, especially for seniors.

A decided harrumph

Harrumph, says Trouble

All are welcome. Except dogs, unfortunately.




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