The lazy days of summer — NOT! Part 2

Co-op Works August Newsletter

L-R Matt Anderson, BPR (employer), Hailey Stapleton

English major Hailey Stapleton found herself in a very cool job in a very hot place this summer as an Arts and Science Intern working as a Wildfire Information Officer for the Government of Alberta.

We quote from the August 2015 edition of Co-op Works, the Mount Co-Op Employer Newsletter.

“I was nervous that as an intern that I may not be given enough responsibility to be able to learn and grow while experiencing different aspects of the position. But I have been welcomed to the team and exposed to so many diverse areas of the department.” From field work to learning about wildfire prevention, to planning events for close to 2,000 people, Hailey has learned about herself and her future goals. “Not only has my internship given me the chance to build my resume, it has allowed me to explore what is out there for career and education options. I have learned that I can combine interests, such as my love for written communications and my passion for nature, to make a career for myself.”

When asked what advice she would share with someone considering an internship program, Hailey replied, “Plan for the internship and the process in your schedule. Take the initiative to talk to your professors and see how you can make it happen. The experience is worth it.”

For more information about experiential learning opportunities at the Mount, including the Arts and Science Internship, visit There’s an application form for 2016 ready to be filled out — and the deadline is September 15, 2015 — so don’t delay.


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