Convocation 2015 — Congratulations

May 14th was a glorious spring day in Halifax — the lawns greening nicely in the sun and the forsythia striking yellow sparks in all corners of the campus. The brightest sparks, however, were the graduates of the English Department, and their faculty are justly proud of them.

Convocation Day

Not all of them were able to assemble in the English Corner afterward, but you have to agree that those who did are a very fine lot.

You may notice a very unusual sight in the annual graduation photo: Dr. Chris Ferns attended Convocation to be named Professor Emeritus on his retirement. Congratulations Dr. Ferns. It’s a very distinguished honour and a well-deserved one. And he looks good in academic regalia!

Congratulations to all our graduates, in the BA and the BA (Honours)

Bachelor of Arts
Stacey DeMolitor*
Katrina Haight *
Drew Jackson
Tika Marie Jakobsen
Christina Kempster
Charlotte Kiddell*
Una Lounder*
Antonia Marynowski
Samantha Roy*
Grace Shaw*
Emma Smith
Thomas Jared Whitman*
* with distinction

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Jessica Herritt
Geena Kelly
Shelby MacGregor
(with First class honours)

Honours Certificate in Arts
Rebecca Power


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