An entrepreneur in English and Education

With MSVU Professors photoshopped

Wendy (back row centre) with THR!VERS and some of her own Mount mentors

Wendy Birt graduated from the Mount with an advanced major in English, worked in fundraising for a while, then returned for a BEd. She left the school system to pursue her own vision of elementary education, founding her own business called THR!VE Education. We asked her to write about the project in her own words.

THR!VE is a brand new, entirely unique 10-week after school program for boys and girls in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Created and led by a licensed school teacher, the THR!VE experience motivates, inspires, and reignites the joy and wonder in children that comes with authentic, lifelong learning.

Regardless of their current success in school, THR!VE is for children who are well-behaved, polite, and eager … but craving a challenge.  With its focus on ‘raising the bar’, it’s for kids who are ready for more: more inspiration, more interests, more goals, more dreams, more opportunities.  Twice a week, THR!VERS receive personalized mentorship and ‘whole child’ enrichment: first, in our magical Dartmouth classroom, and second, on an inspiring field trip!

Over just 10 weeks, kids get 8 incredible life experiences that teach them “what learning – and living – should feel like”.  Distinct and diverse, trips include destinations such as Blue Beach in Hantsport to collect fossils, Neptune Theatre to experience the performing arts, Government House to meet and interact with the Lieutenant Governor, Mount Saint Vincent University to begin exploring the term ‘post-secondary education’, the Burke-Gaffney Observatory to see the moon and planets with their very own eyes, and so much more.  The program also includes the opportunity to experience new cuisines and cultures at gourmet restaurants, meet and interact with high profile guest speakers and receive effective, non-intimidating public speaking and performance training.  A dazzling closing ceremony at a local concert hall is followed by the offer of ongoing seasonal reunion events that reinforce the relationships and inspiration felt during the program … all included.

Testimonials from current and former THR!VE parents and children include:

  • “This program is absolutely amazing.  My daughter is so excited for days that she has THR!VE … she beams with excitement!” – THR!VE parent
  • “I am more confident in myself and no longer scared to speak in front of a million people. Thank you for everything!” – THR!VE child

THR!VE offers children what no other program, club or event can: it would absolutely ensure that your child truly believes they have special interests and talents they are admired for and can turn into success, that there is an amazing and exciting world out there to experience, and that they – as individuals – can thrive in life and in learning.
If you want to learn more and spread the word about THR!VE Education, visit or contact Wendy at 902-223-9023.


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