‘SNO(W) JOKE: The Atlantic Universities Undergraduate English Conference March 2015

snow cropOur stalwart students and their fearless faculty ventured to Cape Breton University for the 2015 Undergraduate English Conference. As is their custom, our students took the conference by storm,  greeted with a flurry of enthusiasm and receiving a blizzard of congratulations after each paper and performance.

Unfortunately, the weather meant that the program was collapsed into one day, so that audiences were smaller in each session — but it meant that our travellers slept in their own beds on Saturday night. Other participants were not so lucky, or so wise — but they did all dig themselves out eventually and returned safely to their own universities.

Congratulations to our young scholars and writers:

  • Charlotte Kiddell, “Tradition and the Individual Tyrant: The Historical Sense in Titus Andronicus and Richard III.”
  • Rebecca Power,  “Breaking Down the Civilized/Uncivilized Binary: The Representation of Oucanasta in Wacousta.”
  • Colton Sherman,  “Breaching Boundaries and Taking Back the Pen: An Analysis of Parkour.”
  • Hailey Stapleton, “Stripping the Scripts: An Analysis of Script Decay in Medieval Writing.”
  • Monica Albert and Alexandrina Hanam, “Let’s make Our Lives Amazing.”
  • Alexandrina Hanam, “Into the Deep.”

Thanks to Dr. Macfarlane and Dr. Green, chief cheerleaders.



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