Issues and Practicalities in Publishing

Cynthia Good Outdoor shot smallCynthia Good offers an introduction to the business and creativity of publishing as part of the Mount’s Writing Program this summer, June 8 – 18th.

Registration for this limited-enrolment, intensive two-week course is now open.

Morning sessions offer more traditional classes and afternoon sessions allow for workshops and presentations.

Topics will range from the theoretical (policy, ethics) to the most practical (marketing, production), with an emphasis on the Canadian experience. Students completing this course will understand the basics of publishing, will know if they wish to pursue a career in this area, and, if they are creative writers themselves, will understand the business context and decisions of publication.

Registration is by permission of the instructor. Contact Reina Green, Chair, Department of English. Permission will usually be given to senior students who have successfully completed 1.0 units of writing, with 0.5 at the 2000-level. Special cases will be considered.

For more information explore the following links:

Cynthia Good
Humber College Creative Book Publishing Program



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