Blurbs 2014: Conversations about Research

Ever wonder what English faculty and students are working on?  BLURBS is an annual event organized by Mackenzie Bartlett that features students and faculty talking about their research in brief, informal presentations, covering anything from big-picture brainstorming to the more developed stages of composition. Everyone is welcome to attend as people exchange thoughts, research tips, and other helpful pointers in a casual environment.

Thursday, November 20
4:30 – 6:00
Seton 404
(cookies provided!)

Today’s presenters include honours students who are working on their theses: Jessica Herritt on representations of evil and corruption in Tolkien’s works, Geena Kelly on gendered roles in science fiction, Shelby MacGregor on adaptation theory and representations of gender in the Hunger Games series,  and Rebecca Power on alliterative poetry and adapting Tolkien’s Beren and Lúthien legends.  Along with thesis students, several faculty members will also talk about their work: Reina Green on the impact of performance space on audience-actor relationships;  Karen Macfarlane on museum gothic and zombies, and Anna Smol on doing archival research on Tolkien’s manuscripts.

Come to listen, to share your thoughts, to be inspired, or to help inspire!


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