O Frabjous Day!

The father of the beamish boy was not more proud than we are of our graduates, who no doubt feel they have confronted — and defeated — their own jabberwockies in the course of earning the degrees that were conferred upon them on Friday May 16th. And the sun shone!

Grads 2014

Congratulations to the following:

Bachelor of Arts:
Rebecca Blouin
Kathleen O. Bowers
Erin L. Chapman
Karissa D. Connors
Jillian M. Crowell
Julia Donna Marie Lausten
(with distinction)
Samantha C. MacDonald
Emily Grace Patten
Alyssa Marie Roberts
Katie E. Tanner
Amanda L. Welburn
Melissa Desirée Williams

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
Skye-Kathleen Bryden-Blom
(with first-class honours)
Kae-Lin Elizabeth Larder
(with first-class honours)
Nolan Pike
(with first-class honours)

Congratulations also to
Nolan Pike
on winning the Sister Marie Agnes Prize
Charlotte Kiddell
on winning the Beryl Rowland Book Prize


3 thoughts on “O Frabjous Day!

  1. Karen Macfarlane

    Graduates: please assemble at the English Corner for YOUR photo op after the convocation ceremony!! We promise not to keep you from your adoring fans for too long!!


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