The role of the arts in teaching and learning: discussion panel

The Mount’s Centre for the Arts in Research and Teaching sponsors discussions and workshops throughout the year exploring scholarship informed by the arts. In a panel discussion on Thursday, March 6, the topic will turn to the role of the arts in teaching, with panelists from English, Education, Sociology/Women’s Studies, and Applied Human Nutrition. Faculty and students are welcome to attend.

Thursday, March 6
Don McNeil Room (Rosaria 401)
4:30 p.m.

The English Department’s Anna Smol will be discussing how a creative project such as a painting, a sculpture, or a dramatic performance can become part of an English student’s analysis of a text.  Alan Brown (Sociology/Women’s Studies) will show two assignments, the Clothesline project and  “if men posed like women,” and discuss how these projects encourage the link between theory, practice, and reflection. Terrah Keener (Education) will demonstrate an ongoing tapestry project in which students respond visually to critical readings, while Daphne Lordly (Applied Human Nutrition) will speak about a body-mapping activity she has introduced in a graduate-level course for international students, designed to establish a communication frame for the class.

CAIRT: Role of the Arts in Teaching


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