Honours Colloquium 2014

Honours students in our department spend a year researching under the supervision of a faculty member and writing a substantial honours thesis. Every year around this time, they present their work-in-progress in our annual Honours Colloquium. All faculty and students are welcome to attend and, as always, refreshments will be served.

Thursday 27 February
4:30 p.m.
Seton 404

We have two presenters this year:

Skye-Kathleen Bryden-Blom
“She parted her shaggy locks…and gazed wildly”: The Reciprocal Gaze in Film Adaptations of Jane Eyre


Nolan Pike
“They recognized each other like italics”: The Queerness of Metaphor

My thesis offers a reading of metaphor as queer. I use Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red as an illustrative text in the investigation of the formal and gestural similarities between queerness and metaphor, their mutual dependence on an elusive and liminal experience of recognition, and their potential to intervene in our ability to perceive dominant social and linguistic structures as natural or preferable.


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