Recent Research Activities – Fall 2013

We usually post recent publications by English faculty on the bulletin board in the English Corner (Seton 5th floor between rooms 510 and 511). You have a couple of days left in which to read the first article posted this semester: Rhoda Zuk‘s essay (co-written with Donna Varga) on “Golliwogs and Teddy Bears: Children’s Popular Culture and ‘Innocent’ Racism” which was published in the June 2013 issue of the Journal of Popular Culture.  You can also hear Dr. Zuk talking about her research in an interview on BBC Radio’s “Thinking Allowed” program, which aired a couple of times this summer.

Next up on the Recent Publications bulletin board will be Reina Green‘s essay, “Educating for Pleasure: The Textual Relations of She’s the Man.”  This article presents Dr. Green’s research on Shakespeare, film, and fanvids, and appears in Reinventing the Renaissance: Shakespeare and his Contemporaries in Adaptation and Performance, edited by Sarah Annes Brown, Lynsey McCulloch, and Robert Lublin, published by Palgrave (2013).  The essay will be available in the English Corner until the end of the fall term.

Members of the English Department have also been busy this semester giving talks and conference papers. Most recently, Karen Macfarlane gave a talk to a packed house at Hal-Con on November 8.  She was on a panel, along with Dalhousie professors Jason Haslam and Julia Wright, called “Creature Feature: The Meaning of Monsters.”  The week before on November 1st, she gave a talk in the Dalhousie English Department’s Speaker Series on “Life’s a Scream: American Horror Stories.”

A few weeks ago on October 26, Anna Smol gave a paper at the Annual Atlantic Universities’ Teaching Showcase at Mount Allison University.  Her presentation, “Voicing Interpretations: Peer Learning and Self-Assessment in a First-Year Literature Assignment,” discussed a recitation and review assignment that her English 1170 students do every year. An abstract is available here.

Clare Goulet gave a guest lecture on October 24 at the University of King’s College on metaphor/nonmetaphorical thinking and scientific discovery, for a seminar in Contemporary Aesthetic and Critical Theory – Lyric Philosophy.

As part of Celebrating Writing / Publishing Week last month, the English Department sponsored its annual “Blurbs: Conversations about Research and Writing” session organized by Mackenzie Bartlett — an informal gathering in which faculty and students talk briefly about their research in progress. This year’s session on October 17 included a “blurb” by Tina Northrup, who talked about a large interdisciplinary project she is planning to conduct on the relationship between ecopoetics and ecopedagogies in Canada, exploring the intersections between poetics, education, and environmentalist discourses. Honours student Skye Bryden-Blom talked about her thesis research on film adaptations of Jane Eyre, particularly on how the relationship between Jane and Bertha is presented in terms of Lacan’s theory of the gaze. Charlotte Kiddell discussed her directed study project, supervised by Dr. Northrup, on the politics of poetic language, with a specific focus on feminist and anti-racist scholarship.

If you’re interested in our department’s research, you can find a  more complete list of faculty publications and conference papers on our Recent Research Activities webpage and on some individual Faculty Profiles.  And don’t forget to check the English Corner bulletin board regularly for new publications; we have quite a lineup for the new year, which will see work posted by Jackie Cameron, Lynne Evans, Clare Goulet, and Anna Smol.


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