Krista Hill’s photographs on English Department webpages

Krista HillKrista Hill, who graduated this spring from the English Honours program, is also a photographer. She generously donated her time and talents recently by conducting a photo shoot for the English Department.  Starting with the Mount’s MacDonald Collection of rare books, Krista photographed some beautiful volumes chosen by librarian Terry Paris.

Photo by Krista Hill. MacDonald Collection, MSVU LibraryPhoto by Krista Hill. MacDonald Collection, MSVU Library

She then did a series of photos on campus with our student volunteer models.

Photo by Krista Hill. Natalie Giovanetti, Colton Sherman, Jazzy Chater

From left to right: Natalie Giovanetti, who graduated this spring from the English program; Colton Sherman, a second-year English student who is now on the English Society executive; and Jazzy Chater, who graduated in 2012 and is now in the B.Ed program.

We recently asked Krista about her training as a photographer and her experience as an English Honours student.

How did you get started as a photographer?

I received my first DSLR camera for Christmas in 2009. After about a year and a half of playing around with it I booked my first paid jobs with MSVU’s Student Union. I spent the next few years constantly reinvesting in my equipment and learning new techniques. I am self-taught because a respected local photographer once told me that the best investment for a future in photography is equipment, literature, and seminars.

Do you have a photography business? Do you specialize in certain kinds of photos?

Photography is a hobby for me that tends to pay well at certain times.  I, of course, have a “business” because branding is necessary for word-of-mouth marketing to be a success. I have experience in all kinds of photography: portraiture, wedding, fashion, grad, prom, maternity, newborn, family, pet, and events. I don’t specialize in a specific discipline because I have yet to find my photographic niche.

Do you see any connection between your work as a photographer and your English Honours thesis research on the television and graphic novel versions of The Walking Dead?

I do. I’ve been increasingly drawn to the visual arts throughout my life, especially when I learned that it is possible to combine this passion with my passion for literature. In essence, I believe I have been privileged enough to combine several facets of my life and anybody who knows me can see the influence of art, photography, English, and cultural studies in my Honours thesis. I also believe that my art and photography would not be what they are without my literary influences and vice versa. The cover for my thesis is a great example. I took an image by a professional medical photographer discussed in my paper, and I applied a “zombie filter” created by the makers of The Walking Dead. I then cropped the image into strips to highlight the details of the fetal image over a gradient background.

Cover page of Krista Hill's Honours thesis on The Walking Dead

Cover page of Krista Hill’s Honours thesis on The Walking Dead

I believe that without my experience in visual arts I would not see television, film, and graphic novels in the way I do.

You graduated a few years ago with a B.A. in English, but then you returned to do the Honours certificate. What made you come back for more?

I took time off to decide what I wanted to do, but for me nothing, not even pursuing photography in greater depth, compares to the knowledge gained from books and an intellectual discussion of their contents.

You can find Krista’s photographs sprinkled throughout the English Department website.* Which one is your favourite?

Photo by Krista HillOur thanks to Krista Hill as well as  Jazzy Chater, Natalie Giovanetti, and Colton Sherman. Hope the photographer wasn’t too rough on you.

Krista Hill Photography

* If you want shortcuts, you’ll currently find Krista Hill photographs on the English homepage; Course Guide 2013-14; Summer Sessions; 1000-level courses; 2000-level courses; Honours; Concentration; Writing Minor; Plagiarism; Faculty Profiles; Recent Research; Useful Links. And at the top of this page, obviously, as our new blog banner.


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