Scholarships and Prizes Spring 2013

Spring Convocation is the season to acknowledge those students who are awarded scholarships and prizes for their accomplishments in the English Department.

For the third year in a row, the Valedictorian for the Bachelor of Arts and Science ceremony has been an English Honours student. This year, Courtney Church spoke to Convocation and received the Valedictorian Prize.  She was also awarded the President’s Prize in recognition of her contributions to the Mount.

Courtney Church receiving the President's PrizeCourtney Church receiving the President’s Prize from Ramona Lumpkin (MSVU President)

You can read a profile of Courtney, and you can watch her at Convocation on the Mount’s YouTube channel.  Go to hour 1:40:24 to see her receive her Convocation prizes, and 1:43:45 to listen to her valedictory.  Courtney was also awarded the Sr. Marie Agnes Prize in English earlier in the term.

The other prize-winner in our department is Nolan Pike. Nolan was awarded the Beryl Rowland Book Prize, the Paul McIsaac Scholarship, and the Angus L. MacDonald Literary Prize!  Not bad for one year’s work.  These prizes have varying criteria, including grades and/or faculty recommendations based on scholarly and/or creative writing.

Congratulations to Courtney and to Nolan!

Photo courtesy of the Mount’s Flickr Convocation photostream.


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