1st Annual Clinker Cup Challenge

English 3365: The 18th-Century British Novel course held its first annual Clinker Cup Challenge on March 28.

Clinker Cup Challenge

Professor David Wilson reports:

It was a fun and friendly competition among the students to see who knew the most about the book we were studying this week. They had to answer 25 questions on Tobias Smollett’s 1771 novel Humphry Clinker.

For example:  What do the people of Edinburgh yell when they dump out the day’s excrement onto the streets below?
–Gardy loo

What are the names of the two pleasure gardens in London that the characters visit?
–Ranelagh and Vauxhall

What prison does Clinker end up in?

The winning team got a trophy filled with chocolates (they graciously shared the sweets with the runners-up and MC) and bragging rights for the rest of the term.

The winning team consisted of
Stephanie Carr
Christophe Dupuy
Shelby MacGregor
Luke Reynolds

1st Annual Clinker Cup Challenge


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