Scholarly activities November – December

A number of people from the English Department were involved in giving talks and interviews as the fall term wound to a close.

On November 14, Karen Macfarlane organized a panel called  “Visual Culture: Icons, Memes and Visual Literacy” for the Cross Campus Conversations series sponsored by the Research Office. The panel brought together researchers from the Political Studies Department and from Education, as well as Dr. Macfarlane, whose paper was titled “Icons, Bodies and Propaganda.”

Cross Campus Conversations 2012 poster

On November 15, Anna Smol gave a talk to faculty at St. Thomas University (via Distance Learning) on “Wikipedia and Participatory Culture.”

David Wilson, after experimenting with an open class using Twitter in November, was interviewed  in the online magazine published by Mount PR students, Symmetry, in an article titled “#WRIT22: Social Media in the Classroom.”  Look for more from Professor Wilson on this topic on our blog soon.

Susan Drain published a poem in an anthology titled Desperately Seeking Susans, and she was one of the authors interviewed on CBC radio.

Several of our Honours students gave their “blurbs” about their thesis research at an event during Celebrating Writing Week in November. Speakers included Courtney Church, Jessica Gaudon, Krista Hill, Kae Lin Larder, and Nolan Pike. We’ll be hearing more about their research in the weeks and months ahead. Mackenzie Bartlett, who organized the event, also spoke about some of her research plans, as did Graham Fraser.

For more information about recent faculty and student research, take a look at our summary of  research activities from last spring to this September.  A list of recent publications and talks can also be found on the English Department’s Recent Research Activities webpage.


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